Newborn & Maternity

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Maternity portraits are like capturing a falling star...such a beautiful, fleeting time in which we as mothers tend to feel, well, kind of lousy.  Let's be honest, pregnancy is HARD on a woman, emotionally, physically and spiritually.  Though some days will be worse than others, the good days remind us of our strength and the truly momentous act our bodies are completing.  So before baby is born, take a day for you and your significant other.  Mama's get pampered and have your nails and/or makeup done and Papa's can get a clean shave and a haircut.  Grab some sweet treats and hang out with me for a little while.  Let me capture your beautiful falling star transience.

Once baby is here, it's like the sun rises with a new purpose, a new overwhelming sense of love.   Not only is that love sacred, primal and an all-around miracle, it deserves to be preserved for your family.  Those seasoned mothers know all too well, the children always grow too fast.  I strive to provide your family with tangible, artistically designed heirlooms that include a small piece of my soul.  I treat each work as if it were for my own family, because we aren't so different. <3

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I'm Melanie Lynn, I love storytelling through photos and making new friends with my clients.  I'm a mommy to two adorable boys and couldn't imagine life without them.  My hubby is my biggest fan and supporter- just incredible! I believe in preserving memories through photographs, for generations to come.