Fine Art Children's Portraits

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Family is everything.  The bonds we form with our children today are so precious and the time so fleeting... The beauty of your family and children can be preserved for generations to come.  Artistic portraiture sessions are my version of putting on your "mommy goggles" - you know the ones you wear every day when you look at your babies, no matter how old they are.  Picture thumbing through your family album with your kiddo as a child, then passing the album as an heirloom of your families history, it's intrinsic beauty and all that is you.

Sessions start at an hour long but can stretch as we get to know each other better and let the children play.  I truly invest time into getting to know their likes, what makes them smile and not just saying "cheese" - I want you to feel like the world is able to see your family, your children through your mommy goggles.

Ready to book your session?  Awesome, I'm excited!  I'd love to meet you and chat about your family over some coffee.  We can bond over the ups and downs of parenthood, you're definitely not alone there!  Stay connected with me for special events, offers and more!

About the Author:  I'm Melanie Lynn, I love storytelling through photos and making new friends with my clients.  I'm a mommy to two adorable boys and couldn't imagine life without them.  My hubby is my biggest fan and supporter- just incredible!  I enjoy making people laugh, playing with my kiddos, reading all sorts of novels and scrap-booking.  I'm a foodie - I love trying new food (or new coffee shops!) and I love making new foods.  I believe in preserving memories through photographs, for generations to come.