Miss Joyce Olivia {Littleton Newborn Photography}

I'm so excited to share little Joyce's newborn photos with you!  Not only was she a perfect doll for her session, but she shares birth days with my own little one, which just makes us happy since her momma and I are friends.

Little Joyce slept through her entire set, waking a little towards the end but overall, I couldn't have asked for a better session.  Stay tuned for part two, when we can get Joyce's three big brothers in photos, ahhh, I can't wait!

I couldn't decide between the first two images' editing styles.  What do you think?

Enjoy this precious little girl's portraits, including her Rainbow Baby portrait.

For long you’ll live and high you’ll fly and smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be.
— Pink Floyd

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About the Author:  I'm Melanie Lynn, I love storytelling through photos and making new friends with my clients.  I'm a mommy to two adorable boys and couldn't imagine life without them.  My hubby is my biggest fan and supporter- just incredible!  I enjoy making people laugh, playing with my kiddos, reading all sorts of novels and scrap-booking.  I'm a foodie - I love trying new food (or new coffee shops!) and I love making new foods.  I believe in preserving memories through photographs, for generations to come.  I love to dream of what my great grandparents were like in their 20's raising my grandfather in southern Indiana.  The photos I take of my children are a living memory for their children and their grandchildren.  Babies change so much, I love to capture their changes in a time capsule, since the first year is such a change for the whole family!

Eli's Newborn Session {Littleton Newborn Photography}

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just LOVE newbies!  Eli was so perfect for his session, his mommy Melissa had him prepped with a full tummy and a warm family room.  Melissa and I go way back, all the way to middle school and she now has two boys almost exactly the same age as mine.  So naturally the session went smoothly and little Eli cooperated so very nicely.

Enjoy this sweet little one's debut as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

-Melanie Lynn 

Aria's Newborn Session

Lifestyle sessions are a lovely alternative to posed studio sessions for your newborn.  What I love most about lifestyle sessions is that they are unscripted, truly a snapshot of your first days home with baby.  Your first days home with baby are such an adjustment to not only caring for your little one, but numerous visitors and sleep deprivation and a lifestyle session helps preserve those early, tender memories.  I also love to offer a hybrid of lifestyle and posed, if there are any particularly fun shots a mommy might love.

Little Aria is very loved and you can feel that as soon as you walk into their home.  First time parents Jessica and Mike are really rocking the first few days home with their newbie so I really wanted to keep their session raw and candid, making the majority of their shots just them being a sweet new family.   You can definitely tell Aria has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already.

Enjoy this hybrid lifestyle session!

-Melanie Lynn

Amelia's Newborn Session

Can I say that I just LOVE newborns?!  I had the privilege of meeting Amelia's momma Ranie at a mutual maternity modeling photo shoot with Mia Harlow Photography.   I really got along with her and through conversation, we all determined that Mia didn't specialize in newborns and Ranie was from out of town and wanted newborn photos done, since she had portraits taken of her other daughter Emerson.  It was like fate that we were modeling together that day!  

As luck would have it, our due dates were three days apart, but my son came about a month early and little Amelia was a week overdue!  The timing worked out well for us to get together for her photos.

Pro parent photo session tip: white noise maker/app on your phone.  Once we finally had Amelia's tummy full, the white noise I played from my phone kept her in a deep, happy sleep and really made the session finish beautifully.

Enjoy Amelia's beautiful session, with a special appearance of her big sister Emerson!

-Melanie Lynn