An Uncommon Shootout ~ Sir Jhorden ~ Denver Fine Art Children's Photography

Part two of three from The Uncommon Shootout with some seriously cool kids!

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Miss Valerie {Littleton Boudoir Photography}

Any time I get the opportunity to work with Valerie, we seem to be on-fire right off the bat.  Valerie is so multi-talented, she did her own hair and make-up as well as styling for her shoot.  If only we had more time to work together that day!  This shoot really exemplifies her talents.


Boudoir photography really is a chance to build your self confidence and highlight just how individual and beautiful you really are.  An awesome added bonus is that you can gift the images to that special someone and the timing is perfect for Holiday gifts.  Contact me today to book your steamy set, whether it's for that special someone or just for you!


Melanie Lynn Photography also offers Girl's Night Specials and Bridal/Bachellorette Sessions: these group events are a blast and can start off your night out with a confidence boost!

Aria's Newborn Session

Lifestyle sessions are a lovely alternative to posed studio sessions for your newborn.  What I love most about lifestyle sessions is that they are unscripted, truly a snapshot of your first days home with baby.  Your first days home with baby are such an adjustment to not only caring for your little one, but numerous visitors and sleep deprivation and a lifestyle session helps preserve those early, tender memories.  I also love to offer a hybrid of lifestyle and posed, if there are any particularly fun shots a mommy might love.

Little Aria is very loved and you can feel that as soon as you walk into their home.  First time parents Jessica and Mike are really rocking the first few days home with their newbie so I really wanted to keep their session raw and candid, making the majority of their shots just them being a sweet new family.   You can definitely tell Aria has her daddy wrapped around her little finger already.

Enjoy this hybrid lifestyle session!

-Melanie Lynn