Jess & Garrett are Engaged {Littleton Engagement Photography}

"The best love is the kind that awakens the soul; that makes us reach for more, that plants the fire in our hearts and brings peace to our minds. That’s what I hope to give you forever."

— The Notebook

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Garden of the Gods {Littleton Couples Photography}

When I found out about an opportunity to shoot in one of Colorado's most beautiful parks, I was eagerly counting down the days until I could make the mini road trip to the Garden of the Gods.  I had the most beautiful visions dancing in my head, since I'd only ever seen photos of the massive red rocks among pseudo dessert flora.  However the morning of the shoot, it was a brisk 40 something degrees out and foggy.  My mind shifted to the more moody, romantic and rustic imagery the could be offered by the massive megaliths fading into the fog.  

Then I had the privilege of meeting the models.  L & M were basically like newlyweds as he'd been deployed for the last 9 months and they were having some rare alone time from their three small children.  Their connection was palpable, steamy and at times goofy; L & M were clearly madly in love with each other.  Enjoy this journey through the Garden of the Gods, featuring some gorgeous lovebirds!

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The Road to Parenthood {Littleton Family Photography}

If there's one thing I absolutely adore, it's when I get the privilege to document a couple throughout the many stages of life.  Hanna and Dan are two of the most genuine people I know and I've been lucky enough to photograph their engagement, wedding, anniversary photos and now the next step in their lives... adoption!  It takes a special family to bring a child (or baby!) into their home and into their waiting hearts.  Hanna and Dan are up for the challenge and beyond deserving of the blessing of adoption.  This is the first of many shoots documenting this momentous journey into parenthood and I cannot be more excited to share!

Here are some great memories of some of our previous shoots, aren't these two just adorable!?


And here they are now, after all their ups and downs facing their next challenge!

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