Eli's Newborn Session {Littleton Newborn Photography}

I've said it before and I'll say it again, I just LOVE newbies!  Eli was so perfect for his session, his mommy Melissa had him prepped with a full tummy and a warm family room.  Melissa and I go way back, all the way to middle school and she now has two boys almost exactly the same age as mine.  So naturally the session went smoothly and little Eli cooperated so very nicely.

Enjoy this sweet little one's debut as much as I enjoyed capturing it!

-Melanie Lynn 

Amelia's Newborn Session

Can I say that I just LOVE newborns?!  I had the privilege of meeting Amelia's momma Ranie at a mutual maternity modeling photo shoot with Mia Harlow Photography.   I really got along with her and through conversation, we all determined that Mia didn't specialize in newborns and Ranie was from out of town and wanted newborn photos done, since she had portraits taken of her other daughter Emerson.  It was like fate that we were modeling together that day!  

As luck would have it, our due dates were three days apart, but my son came about a month early and little Amelia was a week overdue!  The timing worked out well for us to get together for her photos.

Pro parent photo session tip: white noise maker/app on your phone.  Once we finally had Amelia's tummy full, the white noise I played from my phone kept her in a deep, happy sleep and really made the session finish beautifully.

Enjoy Amelia's beautiful session, with a special appearance of her big sister Emerson!

-Melanie Lynn  

Hadley's Newborn Session

Little miss Hadley McKay was such a sweetie for her photo session.  I went to high school with her momma Amanda so I couldn't resist reaching out to her to photo her newest bundle of joy.  This is the second instance of Irish twins on the blog, Hadley has a brother 363 days older than her and he's just as cute as a button, as you'll see here shortly.  

One of the best tips I can give to new parents when preparing for their newborn's photo shoot is to have extra everything at the ready- food, diapers, wipes... that way we can care for their needs and keep the session going smoothly.  Amanda had extra food ready for Hadley which allowed us to lull her back to sleep and finish off her photos.

Enjoy this little beauty's portraits, I sure enjoyed her session! 

-Melanie Lynn



Wayne's Newborn Session

What an adorable little boy and such a perfect model.  Wayne was born just after the new year and has been such a little fighter!  Health complications and NICU visits postponed our shoot for about three weeks but he was well worth the wait!

When I arrived for his session, I was pleased to find his momma Alicia feeding him in their cozy warm house - just perfect timing for the little guy!  We worked with Wayne, trying to lull him to sleep as much as possible and the patience really paid off.  I'm so excited to share the results with you, enjoy!

-Melanie Lynn

Maya's Newborn Session

If there's one subject I just can't get enough of, it's newborns! They're cuddly, warm and just beyond precious, I truly cherish the newbies I have the privilege of photographing.  Miss Maya is no different.  Maya's mommy and my mother are former co-workers and I was even lucky enough to take their first daughter, Emma's portraits back in 2013.  Siblings are super fun, especially when you get to see them at the same age and compare features, little Maya was a copy of Emma at this age!

Just for fun, here is Emma as a newborn! :)

Most newborns start awake for photos and gradually fall asleep, at least that is the case with my in-home sessions.  Little Maya stayed awake almost the entire session!  Even her sleepy poses have some squinty eyes open, just too much excitement to sleep! :)

I always try to get family involved with their newborns.  Not only will baby be this little for so long, but the interactions and bonds with baby are just priceless.  Here are some highlights from Maya's newborn portraits, enjoy!

-Melanie Lynn