Miss Valerie {Littleton Boudoir Photography}

Any time I get the opportunity to work with Valerie, we seem to be on-fire right off the bat.  Valerie is so multi-talented, she did her own hair and make-up as well as styling for her shoot.  If only we had more time to work together that day!  This shoot really exemplifies her talents.


Boudoir photography really is a chance to build your self confidence and highlight just how individual and beautiful you really are.  An awesome added bonus is that you can gift the images to that special someone and the timing is perfect for Holiday gifts.  Contact me today to book your steamy set, whether it's for that special someone or just for you!


Melanie Lynn Photography also offers Girl's Night Specials and Bridal/Bachellorette Sessions: these group events are a blast and can start off your night out with a confidence boost!

Mod Pin-Up Miss Catie {Littleton Glamour Photography}

If there's one type of glamour shoot that I'm especially fond of, it's gotta be modern pin-up shoots!  I love to mix the classic look of a customized hot rod with a pretty young lady, bonus points if she's got tattoos and piercings.  Catie may not have the true-to-vintage look, but that is what makes this set really pop.

This particular hot rod is my Father in-law's 1946 Ford.  So. Awesome. :)

Even more awesome is that my hubby pinstriped this beauty.  Check out more of his work at Bad Ace Art.  

When Miss Catie arrived with pencil skirts and cute accessories, I knew we were going to have a fun shoot.  

Contact me today to set up a personalized pin-up/glamour shoot.  Do you own a sweet ride?  Melanie Lynn Photography also offers Hot Rod Portrait specials.  Let's showcase your baby!

Just Dance {Littleton Dance Photography}

There's something so very graceful and beautiful about dancers.  Their poise, strength, and flexibility is admirable and the dedication these men and women apply to their art form is one that I personally could only dream of.  Sydney exhibits all of the above and more... Just dance. <3  

Express yourself!  Contact me to set up a session the exhibits your talent!

-Melanie Lynn