The Pilletere Family ~ Littleton, Colorado Fine Art Family Photography ~

Can you say holy wind?! I was tempted to reschedule this beautiful family of four due to the wind, but I am SO glad I didn’t!

There’s just something about the curiosity of two young girls- sisters particularly - every bit of their personalities glowed with their bond to each other and their parents. And the wind… whew!

We laughed, we held on tight and the girls nearly blew away in the wind, just kidding…really though, what a beautiful session you guys!

Here’s their Keepsake Family Film <3

Music Clip Credit: “With My Own Two Hands” - Jack Johnson Featuring Ben Harper

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About the Author:  I'm Melanie Lynn, I love storytelling through photos and making new friends with my clients.  I'm a mommy to two adorable boys and couldn't imagine life without them.  My hubby is my biggest fan and supporter- just incredible!  I enjoy making people laugh, playing with my kiddos, reading all sorts of novels and scrap-booking.  I believe in preserving memories through photographs, for generations to come.  I love to dream of what my great grandparents were like in their 20's raising my grandfather in southern Indiana.  The photos I take of my children are a living memory for their children and their grandchildren.