Updates, Model Call and More ~ Denver's Fine Art Children's Photographer ~

Wow did 2017 really fly by!  I'm so thankful for all the new clients and friendships that have grown in the last year, truly, from the bottom of my heart, thank you all! <3

As for 2018, what have you resolved to do?  While I'll keep my personal resolutions just that, my business resolutions include meeting more clients and providing a service that is deeply rooted in the physical, archival realm... jeez that almost sounds kinda spooky!  I assure you, I mean it in the best of ways.  I want to create your child's portraits in a way that is more painterly with a finished heirloom as your end product.  A truly one-of-a-kind original for display in your home.  Your child's fine art portrait.  So I bet I can guess your first reaction: "Wow, that sounds expensive!"  while expense is all relative, the investment into a fine art portrait is a gift intended for your family and generations to come.  

Custom portrait sessions become real life imagination concepts where your child is the star.  Whether they dream of becoming an astronaut or a ballerina, your portrait session can create a magical, unique experience for your child.  Each session includes hair and makeup styling as well as wardrobe options.  We can work together to create a vision for your portraits that compliments your home.

Winter 2018 Model Call! 


I am looking for a little girl between the ages of two and four.  The only requirement is long hair, everything else is welcomed natural beauty.  Hair/makeup and wardrobe are provided at no cost.  Lastly, your family receives a 16x24" artwork for display in your home.  The session takes place in my home studio during the month of February, the date to be determined once the model has been selected.  Email via my Contact link or directly at to nominate your little girl.  Please include her age, a brief description of her features (hair color, eye color etc.) as well as why a custom photo session would be valued in your family.  


Melanie Lynn Photography Facebook VIP Group!  Okay, the name will likely change but the point will be priority access to model calls, news, contests and more.  If you'd like to be added click the link: 

That's all for now, I'm looking forward to a WONDERFUL year!

~Melanie Lynn