Miss Lilly Anne {Littleton Newborn Photography}

One of the biggest compliments a photographer can receive is returning clientele business.  Rachel is one of my oldest and most favorite clients, as I've photographed her two older kiddos as well.  This family is just awesome and little Lilly is a perfect addition to it.  I must admit, I was quite impressed at how low key she kept her pregnancy, keeping it off social media in fact even some (myself included) didn't know she was pregnant until her hubby posted pics of the kids holding the new baby.  Now that is self control!

Miss Lilly Anne was perfect for her session.  She was alert for so long we were able to capture a few photos with her eyes open.  Then we paused so she could nurse, and she finally fell into that beautiful milk coma.

Just for fun, here is a composite of her three babies and just how similar they looked!

What an adorable set of babies, congratulations Rachel & David, Lilly is gorgeous!


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About the Author:  I'm Melanie Lynn, I love storytelling through photos and making new friends with my clients.  I'm a mommy to two adorable boys and couldn't imagine life without them.  My hubby is my biggest fan and supporter- just incredible!  I enjoy making people laugh, playing with my kiddos, reading all sorts of novels and scrap-booking.  I'm a foodie - I love trying new food (or new coffee shops!) and I love making new foods.  I believe in preserving memories through photographs, for generations to come.  I love to dream of what my great grandparents were like in their 20's raising my grandfather in southern Indiana.  The photos I take of my children are a living memory for their children and their grandchildren.  Babies change so much, I love to capture their changes in a time capsule, since the first year is such a change for the whole family!