Birthday Babies {Littleton Children Photography}

Think back to when you were a kid, birthday parties were not only like, the best time of the year next to Christmas, but also a time when everything was innocent.  Our parents always try to make our birthdays awesome and Chase and Abby really hit this one out of the park.  Their youngest, Caddison has a birthday within days of their second youngest, Reven, so Abby contacted me about photographing their awesome joint birthday party.  First of all, how awesome are their names?!  I first had the honor of taking Caddison's newborn portraits in-hospital and that is where I got to know Abby.  Some women are just meant to be the "cool" parents, Abby is hilarious, gorgeous and a genuine person and definitely one of the cool mama's.

There was a bouncy castle, bubbles, sandbox a mini-jeeps for the kiddos to enjoy.  Pair that with music, family, bar-b-que and cake and you have an epic first birthday party for little Caddison and third birthday for Reven.  Events like a child's birthday party are so very special, we get a hybrid of candid shots of the kids enjoying themselves and some family shots whose reunions may only happen once or twice a year.  

Does your little one have a birthday coming up?  Contact me to plan event coverage for their special day and remember it for a lifetime. <3

-Melanie Lynn