5 Great Stocking Stuffers for Your Kids {For Moms}

With Christmas quickly approaching, I can just feel the energy bubbling out of my four year old. Christmas is pure magic and I love experiencing it all again through the eyes of my boy. One thing I used to struggle with is what to put in his stocking. I mean, up until the last two years, he really wasn't old enough to need anything in it, let alone understand that Santa fills his stocking.


So here is a short list of things to put in your kids stockings, that will not only make them smile, but be budget friendly and not just end up at the bottom of the toy box.


1. Modest Candy- this year I opted to put his favorite candy in his stocking, and not a ton of it either! I think this lets them have a little treat after opening gifts, if you save your stockings for last and plus, who doesn't love a little sweet treat? Usually they will share too. ;)


2. Matchbox Cars/ Barbie Doll - if your little one has had their heart set on that one awesome car or has just gotten to the age where a barbie or similar doll would just make their day, one would make a great addition to the stocking. I have a boy, so little cars make it in the stocking every year and he loves having me tell him the makes and models.


3. Key chains/ Jewelry - Don't break the bank, but a simple birthstone necklace or superhero key chain makes for a special gift that they can proudly show off to friends.


4. Trading Cards - Whether they're really into Pokémon or baseball, trading cards make an easy stocking stuffer! I remember getting Barbie trading cards when I was a kid, boy, I'm dating myself there, ha!


5. Gift Cards - this is the best, space saving place to put them and it works for all ages.


There you have it! What do you put in your kids stockings? Comment and share to give more ideas to fellow parents!