Four Tips for a Successful Maternity Session

Hey hey beautiful mommies-to-be!  One of the most beautiful times in a woman's life is when she is with child.  There's so much to prepare for mentally and physically and so much to dream about.  Holding your new baby...their fresh clean baby smell, ten little fingers and ten tiny toes - all so exciting!

What better way to cherish these beautiful fleeting months than with a maternity portrait session.  Here are my four top tips to rocking your maternity session:

1. Opt for professional hair/makeup

Even if you are proficient at your own look, why not make the day an experience for yourself, beginning with pampering and professional stylists.  Get a mani/pedi, great looking nails are classy.  A great hairdresser and makeup artist is worth the investment for the photos, as your skin and hair will look flawless and you will feel like a maternity goddess, bursting with confidence.  As an added bonus, you'll look super glam for a date night after your shoot. ;)

2. Accentuate your beautiful baby bump

When you're selecting your outfit, be sure to pick weather appropriate, well-fitting clothes.  For fall/winter sessions, look for cute sweater dresses, leggings, boots/flats; or layered t-shirts, jeans, heels/flats.  For spring/summer sessions, look for flowing patterned sundresses paired with flats or barefoot, maternity gowns, or cute capri jeans/khakis paired with 3/4 length tops or blouses.  Use contrasting color pallets with the seasons.

When posing for your portraits, turn to the side (whichever is your "better" side, if know which one that is) and stick out that baby bump!  Point your toe so that you flex your calf and slim your legs.  Cradle that belly!  Hold below your belly with both hands, or one on top, one on bottom - this is usually a very natural pose, as your hands tend to rest on the "baby shelf" already.  Gush about your baby, the more you talk about him/her, the more you will glow!

3. Bring appropriate props

You won't need much to really make your session memorable, however, the addition of a sonogram photo, baby shoes (especially if they're an heirloom), small sentimental toy or wooden blocks to spell out baby's name creates lasting classic imagery.

4. Make sure everyone is fed & happy

Nothing increases tensions during a shoot than a case of the hangries (hungry/angry)  We've all been there!  So if you'll be bring daddy-to-be or if this baby is number two or more and the older sibling will be there, make sure everyone has had a snack and bring water too!  Head off the grumpies before they start.  This includes you!  Go grab a sweet treat after the session as a welcomed reward.

Are you expecting a baby in 2017?  Contact me to schedule your maternity portraits in your 6th or 7th month, I can't wait to hear from you!

Book your maternity session before December 31st, 2016 and receive 20% off your session fee.